Unhealthy Energy is Everywhere! 

It's a tough world as a highly sensitive being. We are bombarded by unhealthy energies; energies from others - bad vibes, toxic fear, negativity, anger, pain, dramatic emotionality, and low-vibrations... as well as the energetic emissions from cell phones, computers and electronics.  

All these things can affect you in an instant, making life harder than it should be. You feel drained, ungrounded, depressed, depleted, overwhelmed or uncomfortable in social situations - even when no one is around. 

The truth is that it is impossible to avoid unhealthy energy completely... but you can learn how to keep it from affecting you as a sensitive being.

Here is an example of something that has happened to all of us:

You happily meet a friend who shares all about their life’s drama. They are charged with emotion and tell you all about it. Afterwards, they feel so much better - but you feel awful! What happened? You took on their emotional upset! You’ve become cluttered with their “stuff”. That’s because energy is substance - emotions are substance, thoughts are substance, anger is substance, even love is a substance. And it is transmitted from person to person. When your friend shared they released their disturbed energies - and you took them on! No wonder you feel clouded, disturbed or drained.  

Instantly (and radically) improve relationships that have been difficult for years  

It’s natural to put up walls in order to to protect yourself from having your feelings hurt — especially if you are highly energy sensitive person, an Empath. But this creates more hurt feelings between you and the people who you love.  

Instead, learn how to clearly see what’s going on and master the tools needed to end the emotional suffering for everyone involved. You can open your heart in ways that the energies really flow! 

Protect Your Energy Wherever You Are  

Our strategies work for everyone. No matter what stage of your journey, you can use these tools to stop giving your power away and feeling like a victim to other people’s wants and needs.

New Eyes to See the World  

Energy Balancing will open your eyes to an entirely new dimension of life — one that you’ve always sensed but couldn’t quite clearly see, or had a precise language for. We’ve created a complete visual language to help you understand exactly what’s going on — the key to being able to make the best decisions and say the right things. 

This is almost as radical as a blind person suddenly being able to see!  

A 'normal' family dinner when seen through the eyes of energy reveals the underlying energies at play.

Introducing Our Online Course: Your Energy in Action!

The Program At-A-Glance:

Your ENERGY in ACTION! - eCourse All you need is an internet connection to get started!

  • 16 Training Modules Each section contains teaching and exercise videos, transcripts so you can read along, visual diagrams, and exercises for you to complete.
  • Energy Pictures Visual learners will love our extensive library of unique illustrations. These visuals are the perfect way to understand the complex concepts of energy instantly.  
  • Access To Our Incredible Community We know how difficult it can be to talk about energy with those who don’t understand it, which is why as soon as you join, you’ll be invited to a private, online group of spiritually-minded people. 
  • Work Directly With Our Highly-Trained Energy Balancers Do you have questions about a situation in your life and want to know how you can use these tools to fix it? Master these techniques faster with live group sessions from our experienced Energy Balancing teachers.  

Become An Empowered Empath

There’s no limit to what you can achieve when you learn how to master and protect your energy.  

However, the sooner you start, the more you’ll be able to accomplish in your lifetime. Our deepest wish is for you to gain the skills you need and that will serve you in everything you do. Thus you can transform your life… and create a ripple effect to everyone around you.  

No matter what it is you wish to do — whether it’s start your own business, step into your power as a professional healer, repair old wounds and relationships with your family, or find (and keep) the love of your life — the deep sense of peace you’ll develop in this course will be the foundation for everything that’s worthwhile in life. 

What You’ll Learn In This Course:

  • Learn the 15 main energetic violations that effect even highly-evolved people 
  • Gain a complete toolkit that will serve you today, tomorrow, and your whole life (so you can become one of the most serene people you know)  
  • The nuanced and graceful way to protect yourself from 'bad vibes”' without shutting people out or feeling the need to run away to live in a cave!  
  • The one thing you can do today to make every interaction a healthy one  
  • The easy exercise you can do with an ordinary coffee cup to keep other people’s energetic debris from zapping your joy, abundance, creativity and love  

Powerful New Energy Tools  

And this brings powerful new energy tools. These are tools you will use every day - talking with your friends, driving your car, sitting at your computer - all these situations have powerful energy forces at work that you can manage in entirely new ways to enrich yourself and others too.  

Breakthrough Science

Our methods are built on a groundbreaking new understanding of the human energy field and the energy dynamics between people. Not only will these insights open your eyes to a whole new way of interacting with life, you will finally understand! You will gain answers to questions you’ve had for a lifetime and become a master at interpreting social dynamics - and your own energies too!  

Learn Healthy Boundaries  

Most people go their whole life without ever learning what a healthy boundary is, let alone how to have them. But without protecting your own vital life force you will feel knocked about by other people’s anger, sadness, unhappiness, ungroundedness - and even their good intentions!  

There is NO RISK involved: If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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eCourse Curriculum

Teaching 1 and 2: Energy & Energetic Debris

  • You are super sensitive!
  • Your antenna picks up every vibe 
  • Your energy field accumulates energetic debris! 
  • Keep your self clean from 'energetic stuff'

Teaching 3 and 4: Your Center – Your Balance

  • Are you in balance or not? 
  • Find the things that throw you off balance
  • Find your core, find your center
  • Regain your balance in daily living  

Teaching 5 and 6: Love Yourself 

  • Don't miss goodness coming your way
  • Take care of your personal space  
  • Build positive energetic charge 
  • The Full Energy Balancing Exercise (FEBE)  

Teaching 7 and 8: Essence, your True Being  

  • Get touched by life!
  • Your vulnerability is something precious 
  • Your Essence is unique
  • Essence is a dynamic process  

Teaching 9 and 10: Energetic Violations  

  • People are sucking your energy!
  • Energy vampires and unhealthy energies
  • We are victims AND perpetrators of violations 
  • 15 way you get violated  

Teaching 11 and 12: Protect Yourself

  • Handle unhealthy energies in your daily life
  • Build a protective wall 
  • Say 'NO' to someone or step ou of the way
  • Scoop the Goop - get 'sticky' energies out of your field  

Teaching 13 and 14: Energy Leaks

  • Stop being your own worst enemy!
  • Energy Leaks are like swiss cheese holes in your field
  • Find and seal your Energy Leaks
  • Build a containment to keep your field intact

Teaching 15 and 16: The Empowered You 

  • 'The Tree' metaphor and the Core Channel experience
  • Meditation - Get the Magic!
  • Follow your calling
  • Live centered and dynamic in day-to-day life

There is NO RISK involved: If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Normally $499, Your Price: $199 plus local VAT  

More Things You’ll Learn In This Course:

  • Powerful diagnostic tools in your own hands to instantly detect if your energy is leaking, blocked or damaged 
  • 3 simple things you can do to let your essence shine even when something tries to pull you down 
  • How to hold conscious boundaries to protect your personal space — without making enemies  
  • The 30-second technique that will leave you energized, positive and immune to other people’s 'bad vibes'  
  • Why almost everything you’ve been taught about energy won’t last (until you learn this system that’s rooted in Energy Science and Energy Psychology)  

Meet The Instructors

The Energy Balancing Institute (EBI) was established in 2012 to share the incredible power of energy awareness with the world. It is a branch of Essence Training, which was founded in 1995, an Advanced Inner Work Academy used by thousands of people around the world to master the art and science of energy. 

Founders Kabir Jaffe and Ritama Davidson are extraordinary empaths, trainers, authors and experts in reading and transforming energies. Among other books were published: 'Your ENERGY in ACTION!' and "Indigo Adults'. Together with Margaretha, Director of Energy Balancing Institute, they teach this eCourse. 

Kabir and Ritama's mission is to help empower empaths and energy sensitive persons to find their passion and thrive in this current world.

Margaretha Bessel is co-author of 'Your ENERGY in ACTION!', she is an Energy Therapist, professional singer and international seminar leader in demand. Her passion is to empower others through energy awareness. She owns a German and a Dutch passport and she brings clarity and a down-to-earth understanding of spirituality to this work. Also, her experience as a concert singer and her highly-attuned sensitivity to vibrational qualities add a unique note to her energy work. 

Margaretha has developed Free Your Voice, a holistic form of vocal training, which combines energy tools with vocal techniques. She lives in Frankfurt am Main and is coaching clients live and online. 

There is NO RISK involved: If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Normally $499, Your Price: $199 plus local VAT

What could be possible with Energy Balancing?

  • Getting clear on your life purpose, that will fulfill you
  • Finding your place in the world and enjoy it
  • Having more meaningful relationships and being there for your family 
  • Feeling abundant and make a living out of what you love to do
  • Writing a book or start teaching what is close to your heart
  • Making space for more magic in your life
  • Attracting more clients who pay you what you’re worth